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To Never Losing Another Memory

You lost your fight with Alzheimer's on July 30, 1989

I thought about you today when I smelt coffee

You made holidays "interesting" by appearing happy to receive yet another bottle of aftershave wrapped in toilet paper

I wish we could have gone on a walk with you one more time

You would be proud of me because I graduated college, and love and provide for my children

You passed your love of nature on to me, and I've shared that love with my kids

One of your favorite meals was Crab cakes. Mom was really bad at making them but tried. They're one of my favorite indulgences when I'm on vacation

I love to tell the story about how you used to hide your favorite melt-a-way chocolates from us but then would forget where you hid them

I used to be bothered when you wouldn't let me lay around on a summer's day, but now I understand better

I get choked up when I think about how it all ended

This world is a better place because you worked hard, but make sure there was time at the end of the day to show those you loved that you cared for them

The piece of clothing that shouted your name was your flannel shirt

I will keep the memory of you alive by helping to fight to end Alzheimer's

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