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Margie Lydia Lawrence Sudderth, affectionately known as “Auntie” was born on April 5, 1930 to the late Alexander & Rebecca Lawrence.

She received cosmetology degree from Allen University in South Carolina and her early childhood development from Laney College in California.

She was the owner and operator of the Busy Bee Day Nursery for over 20 years.  She was the first to offer pickup and delivery service in her family’s station wagon when there were no seat belt laws and a switch in the front seat that reached all the way to the back.  Her first students were her son, niece and nephew from which came the commonly known name “Auntie”, that all the children called her.  In November 1982, she and her husband went on a trip to California to see their first-born grandchild and following that trip, her husband of 32 years went home to be with the Lord on December 2, 1982. 

Margie loved children and would always go the extra mile to make sure her grandchildren were cared for; therefore, in February 1983, Margie moved to California to be with her only son, Benjamin and his family and joyfully assumed the role of full-time nanny/grandmother.  She was willing to sacrifice her business, friends and immediate family to help care for her grandchildren.

In 2005, we began to notice some memory challenges and in 2008 she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  As a safeguard, she would ask her family to write everything down in her book so as not to forget.  We also began to worry about her driving and getting lost.  The disease slowly took away her independence and ability to live on her own.  In 2013, she had a stroke, was admitted to a nursing home and in 2018 she passed away.

In Margie’s honor and on her birthday her son, daughter-in-law and granddaughters will volunteer at a local day care center in Georgia, where they will read to pre-kindergarten students.

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