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Trevor's AlzStars

2017 The Longest Day

Trevor's AlzStars


Join my team and receive autographed Giants memorabilia and/or a Meet and Greet with tickets to a home game at AT&T Park!  

Click Join Our Team and start fundraising to end Alzheimer's.

Incentives Include:

  • The first 10 team members to raise $200 will receive an autographed baseball.
  • The first 10 team members to raise $400 will receive an autographed glove.
  • The first team member to raise $800 will receive an autographed bat.
  • GRAND PRIZE: The team member to raise the most money will receive 4 tickets to a home game and a Meet and Greet after the game!

Team members will only receive 1 incentive except for the Team Captain who earns the grand prize. Questions email:


I'm participating in The Longest Day to show my love for all those affected by Alzheimer’s disease and to honor my grandmother. 

My Grandma was an amazing woman. She was a huge part of my life growing up. I have two siblings and all three of us were involved in sports from the time we were five on. She helped my Mom and Dad and between the three of them, one took us every weekend for baseball, football or whatever we were doing back in the day. She raised us as much as our parents did. I have countless memories of her but mostly I remember her cheering us on at the baseball field.

When we found out she had Alzheimer’s, it was tough because we knew that it wouldn’t be the same. My great Grandma also had it and she didn’t know who we really were.

So when my Grandma was diagnosed, it was really heartbreaking for us because she was such a huge part in our life. It was really sad finding that out and hoping it didn’t get to the point where she didn’t know who we were.

Towards the end I wished I could be in her head so that I could see what she would remember. That was the most heartbreaking thing for me – not knowing what she could remember. Whenever we’d go there to see her, she couldn’t say a word and she was just staring off. It was just really sad not being able to communicate with her at that point.

My best memory of her is one Christmas when we went to see her… It was during the last year she was alive and it had been four months since we’d heard her say anything. She started talking and it felt like a miracle as she was forming sentences. I felt it was a blessing to be able to have that last conversation with her because she died five months after.

Alzheimer’s is the fifth leading cause of death and people who haven’t had anybody close around them that has the disease, don’t really know how heartbreaking it is and don’t really see the severity of it.

For me, living with a great grandma and grandma, I’ve seen it first hand but people don’t realize how disheartening it is until it’s around them. That’s why raising awareness is so important, so that the people who are fortunate enough to not have that in their life, can see just how terrible this disease is.

I think it’s important for everybody to realize it’s out there and it’s one of the leading diseases. The more people we can get to jump on board, the better it’s going to be, and hopefully we can find a cure at some point.

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