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2018 Dancing Stars of Augusta, GA


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Fenway was born and raised in Greenville, SC.  Just to go ahead and clear up, he’s a Gamecock fan.  Still reading?  Sweet!  Fenway grew up playing sports and was always around music.  Once he realized sports as a career was never going to be an option, he began looking into the radio business.  Just two weeks after graduating from high school, he sort of snuck his way into an internship before he started college.  Don’t ask questions.

Fenway paid his radio dues and earned his stripes for ten years, before accepting a better opportunity in Knoxville, TN where he and his girlfriend would get married, make new friends, and compete in a dancing event which benefitted East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.  After two years in Volunteer country, an even better opportunity to advance his career in radio opened up in Augusta, with HD 98.3.  Fenway and his wife are enjoying the CSRA, and continue to make more friends and create new memories.


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