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2018 Dancing Stars of Atlanta, GA


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As an Atlanta native, Tracie Penegar prides herself on being a home-grown Georgia peach who lives by the motto “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t’ big enough”. Honored to be nominated as a cast participant in Dancing with the Stars of Atlanta 2018, Tracie has always felt moved toward fundraising, community outreach, and supporting a cause that positively transforms the lives of friends and strangers alike. 


After university, Tracie’s career began in pharmaceutical sales where she helped launch treatment therapies in neuroscience. After excelling in this field for nine years, she began to shift her focus toward her professional dream – to run her own business with the mission of empowering clients through the world of fashion.  


Currently, Tracie is the proprietor of two metro Atlanta women’s boutiques named Lizard Thicket. She’s most proud of following her passion as she inspires the same entrepreneurial spirit in others. Through sound strategy development, Tracie takes a vision and makes it reality; she intuitively sees threads of opportunity that encourages her team to work together successfully and shine as individuals. She is an inspirational leader who shares personal experiences to motivate action. Respected as a local businessperson and style maker, Tracie voices her passion through astute decision making and active mentorship to women from all walks of life.  


While easygoing by nature, no one can doubt her fierce work ethic as Tracie believes in leading by example, striving to put forth her very best, and encouraging others to do the same. Respected by her team, peers, and friends, Tracie is recognized for her ability to balance her spirit of adventure and tenacity against the unexpected moments in life.


When not exploring the US, traveling around the globe, or tackling new adventures regionally, Tracie spends her free time with her two Goldendoodles at home in the Smyrna area, enjoys physical fitness, and hopes, one day, to become a phenomenal chef.    


Please join Tracie on this life-changing journey to raise money for Alzheimer’s awareness. With help from the community, this event will support and drastically improve the lives of the 5.5 million individuals and their loved ones who are affected by this disease. Thank you for your contribution!  

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