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2017 Dancing Stars of South Georgia


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Dr. Bill Buntin is a native to Albany, GA, but has lived in 5 other states throughout his life.  His career included becoming a pediatrician, an anesthesiologist, and recently a professional storyteller.  The first baby he delivered was named after him in Salt Lake City and will be 50 this year.  He and his wife Frances (a retired nurse) have two boys.  One lives in Albany, and one in Greenville, SC.  They have four grandkids who refer to Dr. Bill as Da Bull or Daddy Bull.  In fact, most of his family call him Bull. His hobbies include reading and book collecting.

Growing up, Dr. Bill danced with his sister Becky for fun.  They used hand gestures to cue each other on what move to make next.   She will be his partner for Dancing Stars of South Georgia.

Dr. Bill has endured 4 cancers and 5 cardiac caths.  He also had a time period where medication caused himself to experience memory impairment.  His mother and her two sisters passed away with Alzheimer’s Disease.  Because of his desire to help find a cure for this horrible disease, he is once again getting on the dance floor.  Help him meet his goal.  Vote for Dr. Bill & Becky!

Thank you for joining our movement! The end of Alzheimer's disease starts here.

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