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2017 Dancing Stars of Dalton, GA


Could you imagine if your donation is the one that funds the last ingredient needed for the cure to Alzheimer's?

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Hey there!  THANK YOU so much for visiting my page!

I am a child of God, wife of Ricky, and mom of 2 beautiful children, Caleb and Caitlyn. We attend New Life Baptist Church where my husband is a deacon and I am the assistant treasurer.  My husband and I are very involved in our community. Dalton is where he and I were raised and where we have chosen to raise our children.  I have been in the insurance industry for 16 years and have owned an Alfa Insurance Agency in Dalton the last 6 years.  Through my office is how I became blessed with this opportunity.  

I am super excited to be a part of this wonderful cause!  This disease is one that does not care whether you are male or female; your nationality does not matter.  In addtion, we are now learning this disease is breaking the age barrier.  It was once thought of as an elderly disease, while primarily the case, the age, however, is getting younger and younger.  This is a disease that affects humanity. 

My goal for this event, of course, is to raise funds for such a dibilitating disease.  I have seen many family members and friends struggle with the news of an Alheimer's diagnosis.  And where we stand right now, this is a disease many feel just has to "run its course". This will not be the case one day.

I pray for the viewer, that God is able to touch your heart with either my song or dance.  Please pay attention to the words of the song.  It is a message of hope and of peace.  One day those struggling with Alzheimer's will know peace. There will be a cure, but in order to get there we need your help.  Yes, I want you to vote for me, but in the end, this is a group effort and every dollar earned goes to the same cause.  

I asked a question in my title, "Could you imagine if your donation is the one that funds the last ingredient to a cure for Alzheimer's?". Honestly, this can happen, but ONLY if you make that donation.  So donate with your heart, not your wallet, and I hope to see you the night of the event.  

Oh, and if you can, please say a little prayer for me. :)



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