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Organize a day of games and challenge others to a bridge tournament, board game challenge, video game play, or more. On the Longest Day, you choose your activity in the fight against Alzheimer's. To start planning your day, check out the activities below. This information is simply a guide. Have another idea? Select "other" and go for it! We will be cheering you on and helping you reach your fundraising goal every step of the way.
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Board Games
How to Plan a Board Games Fundraising Event
  • No matter their age or experience level, everyone can join in during a board game tournament. Choose a variety of games so that everyone can join in, from Monopoly and Scrabble to Candyland and Trouble. Set an entry fee/donation or fundraising minimum per player.
How to Plan a Bridge Fundraising Event
  • You can play bridge at home or organize a tournament with your local American Contract Bridge League club. Choose a location large enough to provide seating for your event. Provide supplies: card decks (remove the Jokers), pencil and paper to keep score and square tables for organized 4-person seating. Charge an entry fee/donation or fundraising minimum to participate, and keep the competition going by providing patches or prizes for your top fundraisers.

    ACBL is fighting Alzheimer's on The Longest Day! Learn more >
How to Plan a Cards Fundraising Event
  • The options are endless when it comes to card play! There are many games that require a standard card deck. These include poker, hearts, euchre, gin rummy, blackjack and crazy eights. There are also games played with different sets of cards, such as Uno. Kids can participate with games like war, go fish and old maid. Set an entry fee/donation per game played.
Ping Pong
How to Plan a Ping Pong Fundraising Event
  • Ping pong is a popular game for all ages! Organizing a ping pong tournament will depend on the number of participants. Set up your teams and brackets in advance. You will require: ping pong table/s, paddles and balls. Set an entry fee/donation for each game played, or ask for a donation for every point or game won.
Video Games
How to Plan a Video Gaming Fundraising Event
  • Organize a video game tournament, or play at home or online with friends! Set an entry fee/donation or fundraising minimum and challenge players to fundraise within their own networks. Choose a multiplayer game so that more than two people can participate at a time, and ensure that you have Internet connectivity if it’s an interactive game.
Multiple Activities
How to Plan a fundraiser with Multiple Activities
  • Pick this option if you have varied interests, or your friends and family want to do other activities. You can run, knit, and draw on your own, or start an Anywhere Team so your friends and family can do what they love from wherever they are and no one is left out!
Choose another activity/Choose later
  • Participants in The Longest Day can fundraise to fuel the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association in any way they choose. If you haven’t found an activity yet, don’t worry! You can always decide later and start your general fundraising today.
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