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The Judy Fund

Elizabeth and Judy in 1981.

Elizabeth and Judy in 1981.

Total Number of Gifts: 111
Total Value of Gifts: $59,040.33

Recent Donors

Bonnie and Stephan Roth

The Shano Family

Elizabeth Moore

Ronald Fellman

Ron and Linda Nash

Sherrie Levy

The Robin Family

Carol greenberg

The Davies Family

Mr. edward klein

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Dear Friends and Family,

A decade: 10 years. 120 months. 3,652 days. 87,658 hours. 5,256,000 minutes. 315,360,000 seconds.

Alzheimer’s: At least 44 million people living with the disease worldwide. More than 5 million in the United States. Over 15 million U.S. caregivers. $214 billion spent annually for care.

The Judy Fund: 1,600 donors. 511 Ambassadors. $5.1 million raised and granted.

As the smash Broadway musical “Rent” asks us to consider: “How do you measure a year? In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee, in inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife.”

This parable can be used to measure the milestones of a decade of The Judy Fund, a decade of
accomplishment that we achieved together. A lot has happened, but not enough has changed. As we
continue to push this disease upward to scale the mountain called survivorship, there are summits that allow us to look back while readying for the future.

Marshall began this Fund in July 2003 as Judy said goodbye to us all. His vision was clear: He would raise $1 million from colleagues and friends in her name. And he did — within four months, he engaged a core group of very generous donors, all of whom are still with us today. But we knew we couldn’t stop there. We invested in research — from beta-amyloid trials to patient care — and realized we still had a lot to do.

The Judy Fund joined the Zenith Society, the highest level of giving at the Alzheimer’s Association®. Worldwide, this group of private donors continues to set a high bar in generously donating their time and money.

In 2004, along with our dedicated partners Eddie Keller and Pat Kaplan, we produced Memories A Judy Fund Gala for four years, raising over $500,000 annually to support the Alzheimer's cause in the Coachella Valley.

In 2010, our Fund took a strategic turn, driven by Marshall’s clear understanding that federal funding would be one of the most potent ways to find a cure. We invested in the Association's Ambassador Program, helping support the creation of a network of 511 advocates (and growing!) who maintain a conversation with their legislators year-round.

The Judy Fund donors have fueled this program, which, among other landmark accomplishments, helped usher in the National Alzheimer’s Project Act (NAPA), one of the key tools to frame federal funding of Alzheimer’s in the United States.

The men of the Sigma Alpha Mu national fraternity (Sammies) have become soldiers in our ongoing fight. This fall they'll grow their beards long to help keep brains strong.

During the past decade, we learned that women are not only disproportionately affected by Alzheimer’s disease, they are also the engine of the fight against it.

The Judy Fund Salon Series, Mind & Heart, targets women of the baby boom generation, raising awareness of how heart and brain health may be connected.

Still Alice, a film based on The New York Times best-selling novel is coming to theaters this holiday season.

I’m also very excited about the new Alzheimer’s Association women’s initiative, My Brain™, which is inspired by Maria Shriver. Read about it on page 4 and join 1 million women on the front lines of the fight.

How do you measure 10 years of The Judy Fund?

Sit down, get comfortable and read about all we have done together. Have a glass of red wine — after all, it’s good for your health — and let’s see where the next decade takes us. My toast is to you!

Elizabeth Gelfand Stearns
The Judy Fund

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Sat, Feb 28, 2015
This movie was so amazingly accurate! I'm taking care of my Mom, who has Alzheimers Disease, and it really hit close to home. I'm praying it opens the door for more research for a cure, and more acceptance of people with noticeable cognitive impairment, and their families, who are trying desperately to live full and happy lives, despite the ravages of this horrible disease.Thank you for starting the conversation!

Judy F
Thu, Jan 15, 2015
I what to know more about the disease because my husband is in the early stages.

Wed, Jan 14, 2015
we can talk about alzheimers and try to represent it as was done so well in STILL ALICE, but until faced with the reality of LIVING it day-to-day, hour-to-hour,minute-to-minute, second to second, no one can really understand its devastating effects. Thank G-d.
I marvel at the people who work so hard to soften the edges of this illness--those who strive to eradicate it fight harder than sisyphus, because while they battle uphill, just to find themselves having to begin again---they do it and engage others in the battle against this vicious illness always with the hope that this time we will make day we will!!!! THANK YOU to all who fight so valiantly...

Mon, Dec 08, 2014
Hello! I'm in the sixth grade (going on seventh!) and i'm doing a report on different charities. I wanted to do an Alzheimer's disease charity, mainly because I am loosing my grandad due to alzheimers. He keeps asking me questions, the same ones over and over again.Thanks!

Lois Keller
Tue, Feb 26, 2013
As I struggle through raising two daughters and losing my own mother at the same time voices like yours give me strength. While being stuck in the middle I find inspiration in my daughter's voice. I'd like to share that with you, in this video of a song she wrote about her Nana called "I Remember"

Ilana Gelfand
Thu, Dec 06, 2012
For those of you who have access to Facebook, please "like" The Judy Fund and share it with your friends. It's a great way to keep posted on all things Judy Fund, and to keep updated on great strides in Alzheimer's.

Allison Juceam
Fri, Aug 24, 2012
Could you share the story with Sarasota County Aging Network? This non profit organization supports the Alzheimer's Organizations Gulf Coast Chapter and would like to include a link to your page. We are

Sara Cimino
Fri, Aug 24, 2012
Our family is inspired by the lasting memory you created

Howard Wall
Sun, Dec 04, 2011
I remember well the "We Love Judy" party given by Marshall for the beautiful Judy. Everybody in Palm Springs loved her and she loved them. We were neighbors in the Tennis Club area and also enjoyed aerobic workouts on the treadmill at Gold's gym. I last saw Judy (before the party) when I was able to host she and Marshall at Muriel's and she looked like a movie star. I now live in Florida but I will never forget her.
Howard Wall

Laurie Bernstein
Sun, Sep 04, 2011
Hi, Liz, Dean, and Todd,
My father showed me a note from your dad in response to a donation Sylvester made to the Judy Fund. Bob and I would also like to contribute.
Hope you're all well.

Mary Gleeson
Wed, Jan 05, 2011
We depend everyday on our memory we need a cure for this disease that took my own mother and so many others. I pray for a cure...

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