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2016 Dancing Stars of Augusta

2016 Dancing Stars of Augusta, GA

Gala Date   Friday, May 20, 2016
Time   6 p.m. - Midnight
Location   Augusta Marriott

Congratulations and thank you to all for a wonderfully successful 2016 Dancing Stars of Georgia!!  8 events across Georgia raised more than $2,264,000 during this 2016 Dancing Stars season. On behalf of the Alzheimer's Association and the families we serve- thank you to our Stars, Pros, sponsors, donors, committee leaders and volunteers, judges, and emcees!  The Alzheimer's Association, Georgia Chapter is dedicated to serving the families across Georgia facing Alzheimer's disease and other dementias through programs, services, advocacy and research. Thank you!!

We are proud to announce our local Dancing Stars of Augusta 2016 Judges Choice trophy was awarded to Meredith Brazeal and Matt Watson, the Audience Choice Trophy went to Sandra Lynn and Ken Broom and the People's Choice Trophy, having raised $28,848 went to Dawn Panowich and Chris Truelove.

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    Dancing Stars of Augusta        Dancing Stars of Augusta       Dancing Stars of Augusta   Dancing Stars of Augusta
Joey Cummings   Dawn Panowich   Meredith Brazeal   Sandra Lynn
Dancing Stars of Augusta   Dancing Stars of Augusta        Dancing Stars of Augusta  
Kathie Crumbley   Stan Johnson   Dilip Thomas
Dancing Stars of Augusta   Dancing Stars of Augusta   Dancing Stars of Augusta   Dancing Stars of Augusta
John Gore   Chris Johnson   Brian Williams   Steve Olaguer

Top Dancing Stars

  1. Dawn Panowich - $28,848.00
  2. Stan Johnson - $19,067.00
  3. Personal Gift Sandra Lynn - $17,112.00
  4. Personal Gift Meredith Brazeal - $16,868.00
  5. Joey Cummings - $15,770.47
  6. Dilip Thomas - $15,708.00
  7. Chris Johnson - $11,272.00
  8. Personal Gift Johnathan Gore - $8,453.00
  9. Kathie Crumbley - $6,602.00
  10. Steve Olaguer - $6,509.00
  11. Brian Williams - $4,808.00

Top Donors

  1. John Bergman
  2. Stan Johnson
  3. Faye Harris
  4. Ciera, Zach, and Iziq
  5. Scott & Elizabeth Koonts - In Memory of Mary Jo Koonts
  6. Memory of Dr. David Beverly
  7. James and Michele Smith
  8. Rick and Willie Green
  9. Debra Collicott
  10. Mr. & Mrs. Tony and Carol Riley
  11. Russell Cole Golf
  12. Russell Hawkins
  13. Susan Mullis
  14. Anonymous
  15. Pro Masters Cleaning-- Dewayne Minor and Kevin Faircloth
  16. Anonymous
  17. Robert & Elizabeth Beverly
  19. Cherian Thomas
  20. Nini Patheja

Thank You To
Our Sponsors