Board of Directors' Team

About The Longest Day

The Longest Day is all about love. Love for all those affected by Alzheimer's disease. On the summer solstice, team up with the Alzheimer’s Association and select any activity you love — or an activity loved by those affected — to help end Alzheimer’s. Together, we will raise funds and awareness for care and support while advancing research toward the first survivor of Alzheimer’s.


Start an Anywhere Team!

  • Jazz at the Statue of Liberty
  • Soccer at Big Ben
  • Bicycling at the Space Needle
  • Painting at the Eiffel Tower
  • Hiking in the mountains

You can live anywhere and participate in The Longest Day. Join with friends and family across the country — or even the world — and form a team that is active from multiple locations. We have tools to help you with scheduling your day and staying connected, even if you aren't face to face on June 21.Start your Anywhere Team now.