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2018 Dancing Stars of Columbus, GA


2018 Dancing Stars of Columbus, GA

Gala Date   April 20, 2018
Time   6 p.m. - Midnight
Location   Columbus Georgia Convention and Trade Center
Tables and Tickets are VERY limited. Online Ticket Sales are closed. To inquire about a table or tickets, call Ally Barnett at 706-256-0361 or email her at
10th Anniversary Dancing Stars of Columbus Memory Gala, Presented By The Columbus Memory Center!   
Dancing Stars of Columbus is an exciting benefit for the Alzheimer’s Association, Georgia Chapter. Our take on the popular tv dance competition, this fundraising event is comprised of 13 local celebrity dancers paired with professional dancers, all raising funds by gaining votes! Then the dancers come together to compete in a one night gala dance competition, it’s an event you do not want to miss! 
Looking for Information on Table/Ticket and Partnership pricing? Just click "Partnerships and Ticket Sales" and follow the prompts OR click the Image below to see a copy of the "Voting Opportunities" form (google docs). 
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Questions? Contact Ally Barnett at or (706) 256-0361. 

Our Progress

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Funds Raised
1 Days
Until The Gala

Vote For Your Favorite Dancing Star

     DS of Columbus  DS of Columbus      DS of Columbus    DS of Columbus
Sarah Beth Amos Dr. Woodrow McWilliams Ashley Clayton Cameron Saunders
     DS of Columbus      DS of Columbus       DS of Columbus    
Sara Dismuke Ryan Brooker LaRae Dixon Moore
  DS of Columbus         DS of Columbus
     DS of Columbus   
Kate McGrory Carolyn Shuler Patty Branch Robinson
    DS of Columbus  DS of Columbus    DS of Columbus   
Darrel Wright Jack Hayes Norman Howard

Top Dancing Stars

  1. Sarah Beth Amos - $52,301.66
  2. Personal Gift Norman Howard - $28,541.66
  3. Personal Gift Woodrow McWilliams - $28,241.59
  4. Cameron Saunders - $21,935.00
  5. Carolyn Shuler - $18,656.66
  6. Personal Gift Sara Dismuke - $15,711.75
  7. Personal Gift Jack Hayes - $14,476.66
  8. Personal Gift Kate McGrory - $13,151.66
  9. Personal Gift Ashley Clayton - $12,891.66
  10. Patty Branch Robinson - $12,766.66
  11. Personal Gift LaRae Moore - $12,030.00
  12. Darrel Wright - $12,011.66
  13. Ryan Brooker - $7,975.66

Top Donors

  1. Lockwood Partners
  2. Meg Poydasheff
  3. Ben & Suzanne Saunders
  4. Iveta and Jim Boyanchek
  5. W.C. Bradley
  6. Darlen, Pam, Joe, Eric, Mary, Tim, Josh, Keith, Robert, Amir
  7. Alexander Brothers Lumber Co.
  8. Anonymous
  9. TSYS Friends
  10. Anonymous
  11. Teacher Turn Up
  12. The Grogan Group, LLC
  13. Robert Howard Jr
  14. John Barwick
  15. Whitney Land
  16. Sam Dismuke
  17. Shuler fam
  18. Behar, Reid, Melton and Brown CPAs
  19. Al & Susan Hayes
  20. Anonymous

Thank You To
Our Sponsors