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2018 Dancing Stars of Dalton, GA


2018 Dancing Stars of Dalton, GA

Gala Date   April 28, 2018
Time   6 p.m. - Midnight
Location   Dalton Convention Center

Congratulations to our 2017 People's Choice winner Dr. Jessica Rogers and Pro Dancer Chris Lusk and 2017 Judge's Choice winner Will Morrow and Pro Dancer Fallon Garrett.

Dancing Stars of Dalton is an exciting benefit for the Alzheimer’s Association, Georgia Chapter. Our take on the popular TV dance competition, this fundraising event is comprised of 13 local celebrity dancers paired with professional dancers, all raising funds by gaining votes! Then the dancers come together to compete in a one night gala dance competition, it’s an event you do not want to miss! 

Our Progress

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Funds Raised
41 Days
Until The Gala

Vote For Your Favorite Dancing Star


                 DS of Dalton         DS of Dalton     DS of Dalton  DS of Dalton       DS of Dalton        
Judy Bird   Dr. Pat Chute   Sydney Snyder Sellers  Raymond Butler Lizzy Gregory Stuckey  
    DS of Dalton        DS of Dalton       DS of Dalton     DS of Dalton       
Sydney Thomason   Kristy Hardin   Jason Clark   Chase Miller

   DS of Dalton         DS of Dalton          DS of Dalton

 DS of Dalton
Eric Ward   Piet Dossche   Dr. Justin Hare  Shawn Chapman

Top Dancing Stars

  1. Piet Dossche - $34,775.00
  2. Sydney Snyder Sellers - $25,191.65
  3. Personal Gift Lizzy Stuckey - $15,891.85
  4. Judy Bird - $9,336.65
  5. Shawn Chapman - $8,080.00
  6. Justin Hare - $5,916.65
  7. Pat Chute - $4,651.65
  8. Eric Ward - $4,316.65
  9. Sydney Thomason - $3,621.65
  10. Kristy Hardin - $3,166.65
  11. Raymond Butler - $2,371.65
  12. Jason Clark - $2,266.65
  13. Chase Miller - $1,292.65

Top Donors

  1. Dr. Frank Winfred Patterson Jr.

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