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2018 Dancing Stars of Atlanta, GA


2018 Dancing Stars of Atlanta, GA


Gala Date   April 21, 2018
Time   5:30 pm
Location   Cobb Galleria Centre

Our take on the popular tv dance competition, this special fundraising event is comprised of local Atlantan celebrity dancers paired with professional dancers, all raising funds by gaining votes in a one-night, gala dance competition.

This fun-filled evening lets you experience the glamour of ballroom dancing while voting ($1 = 1 vote) for your favorite pair and listening to feedback from a panel of local celebrity judges! At the end of the night, here are two winners – People’s Choice Award for the couple with the hightest fundraising total and Judge’s Choice Award for the couple who receives the highest judge's score.

 Afterwards, take a spin around the dance floor yourself!

All funds raised support Alzheimer's research and the programs and services provided to those diagnosed with Alzheimer's and their families.

Our Progress

10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
Funds Raised
34 Days
Until The Gala

Vote For Your Favorite Dancing Star

Robert Bairstow


Ken Covers on logo background


Ali George


Keiko Guest

Robert Bairstow   KEN COVERS 

lorr hil


Jason Perry headshot


 Julian Reynolds


Merideth Sasser

Lorraine Hildebrandt
  Jason Perry
  Julian Reynolds
  Merideth Sasser

DS of Atlanta


Linda Whitmire


Brenda Wood                                            



  Linda Whitmire
  Brenda Wood   

Top Dancing Stars

  1. Personal Gift Linda Whitmire - $72,640.37
  2. Jason Perry - $60,299.00
  3. Lorraine Hildebrandt - $57,145.09
  4. Personal Gift Ken Covers - $55,972.00
  5. Personal Gift Heather ten Broeke - $42,312.00
  6. Merideth Sasser - $26,302.00
  7. Brenda Wood - $24,542.00
  8. Keiko Guest - $9,265.00
  9. Ali George - $9,018.00
  10. Julian Reynolds - $4,832.00
  11. Robert Bairstow - $4,202.00

Top Donors

  1. Fans & Supporters of Ken Covers
  2. Morningside Support for Ken Covers
  3. Abney Family Foundation
  4. Rick Perry
  5. Linda Whitmire
  6. Alston & Bird LLP
  7. Dick and Susan Ingle - in honor of Jason
  8. Dick and Susan Ingle
  9. Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Amy Callahan
  10. Dr. Lisa A Hasty M.D.
  11. Friends of Ed & Joan Covers
  12. Brenda and Dick Smith
  13. Dain Syverson, The Syverson Group LLC
  14. PJ Bain
  15. Joanne Truffelman
  16. Cynthia Widner Wall+James A Wall in honor of Daddy, Coy R. Widner
  17. Mark Greeff
  18. Mr. Edward J Schutter
  19. In honor of Jason Perry
  20. Your GT partners

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