When you participate in A Ride to Remember, your fundraising dollars fuel Alzheimer's Association initiatives to provide care, support and research. Learn more about how we help.

The prospect of raising money can be intimidating. But with proper planning, reaching your fundraising goal is no sweat!

Once you register, you'll have access to a personal fundraising webpage and fundraising tools in your Participant Center. Your fundraising webpage makes it easy for donors to make a donation toward your efforts and track your fundraising progress over the next few months.

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Use the app or log in at the top of the page to:

Build your personal webpage
The Alzheimer's Association uses Luminate Online for online fundraising.  When you customize your webpage, be sure to highlight why you're riding for the Alzheimer's Association. Use pictures to add a visual component to your fundraising page. If you are riding in honor or memory of a loved one, consider posting a picture of you with that person.

Set or edit your fundraising goal
While you earn our jersey when you reach the fundraising minimum of $750, you may choose to set your goal higher to earn our bibs/shorts, gloves and vest. When you set your goal, think about the programs and services made possible by the money you raise.

Be the first to contribute
Once you are registered to ride, your easiest pledge will come from yourself.  It is always easier to ask others if you have already demonstrated your commitment to your goal with a personal donation.

Email your contacts using our fundraising templates
We've made it easy for you to spread the word about your fundraising efforts!  Just load your email contacts and customize our email templates, and your potential donors will receive an email with a link to donate on your webpage.

Get social 
Use Facebook or Twitter to get the word out. Include a link to your fundraising page in your status! Invite others to support you in this incredible journey. 

The most successful fundraisers use a variety of methods, including the tools in their Participant Center, Facebook, Twitter, postcard mailings, employer matching gifts, team fundraising events,  garage sales – you name it!  This is where you can really get creative.  Here are some ideas:

• Take your fundraising efforts to the office, school, or friendly get-togethers. 
• Throw a themed party: Wine tasting, BBQ, costume, gourmet, etc.
• Hold a sale: Garage, bake, etc.
• Sell a service: Washing cars, cleaning apartments or handyman services.
• Hold a contest: Chili cook-off, dessert, etc.
• Dress down day: Get approval from your emplyer for a casual day based on donations.
• Send an office-wide alert: Ask your manager if you can send a company-wide email or put a letter in everyone's mailbox.
• Restaurants/local merchants: Ask local business owners to donate a certain percent of their profits for one business day.

Feel like your fundraising efforts are stalled? Don't despair!
Contact Aundi Hunter at or 864-699-0623 for more tips and tools.

How your fundraising helps

Every dollar you raise benefits those affected by Alzheimer’s disease in your community as well as research efforts to better understand the disease and identify discover effective treatments.The Alzheimer’s Association is a global organization, working to advance care, support and research across the world. From face-to-face support to online education programs and promising worldwide research initiatives, the money you raise makes a difference in the lives of those facing Alzheimer’s. The Alzheimer’s Association:

Provides care and support to all those facing Alzheimer’s.

• A free nationwide 24/7 Helpline (800.272.3900) offering information and referrals. 
• Six regional offices in South Carolina providing outreach, education and support.
• In-person support groups, connecting those facing the disease with a network of help in their community.
• Nationally recognized training & certification programs.

Drives research toward treatment, prevention and, ultimately, a cure.

• Directly funds scientific investigations, providing more than $350 million to over 2,300 scientific proposals over the life of our grants program.
• Brings the global research community together to tackle common challenges, such as the first new diagnostic guidelines for Alzheimer’s in 27 years.
• Drives support for transformational projects such as the Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer’s Network Trials Unit (DIAN TU).

Speaks up for the needs and rights of people affected by Alzheimer’s.

• Advocates for Alzheimer's families at the South Carolina State House and state agencies.
• Works to ensure federal policy reflects the urgency of the Alzheimer’s epidemic, recently resulting in unprecedented increases in Alzheimer's research funding at the National Institutes of Health.
• Engages advocates nationwide to ensure that Alzheimer’s disease cannot be ignored.

Learn more about local resources provided by the Alzheimer's Association, South Carolina Chapter.

A donor-supported organization, the Alzheimer's Association allocates its funds in an ethical and responsible manner that exceeds the rigorous standards of America’s most experienced charity evaluator, the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance. Learn more about our mission-related activities or contact your local chapter for information about programs and services in your community.  Click here to learn more about our fundraising standards.