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Fundraise Only
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If planning an event or activity for The Longest Day doesn’t appeal to you, or if you already have an event coming up in your life like a birthday, wedding, anniversary or other celebration that you’d like to incorporate, you can simply set up a fundraising page. Select one of the options below to get started.
How to fundraise for your Birthday.
  • If you have a birthday coming up, you can register and set up a fundraising page to accept donations in lieu of gifts. Ask others to donate a certain amount in honor of your birthday, such as $40 for your 40th!
How to honor someone with a fundraising page.
  • If someone in your life has struggled with Alzheimer’s, whether they personally have the disease, they are caring for someone who has it or have lost someone to it, you can honor that person by setting up a fundraising page to raise funds in their name.
How to fundraise in memoriam.
  • If you have lost a loved one to Alzheimer’s, you can set up a page to honor their memory. Tell their story and why they're important to you. Others can donate in their memory.
How to fundraise for your Wedding or Anniversary.
  • If you’re tying the knot or have a big anniversary coming up, and would rather give a gift than receive one, set up a fundraising page and include the link on your registry, invitation, or wedding website. Ask friends and family to make a donation in honor of your union rather than purchase a traditional gift.
Other Celebration
How to fundraise for another celebration
  • Do you have a graduation, holiday, or other celebration in your future? Set up a fundraising page and ask friends and family to make a donation in lieu of giving a gift.
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