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Exercise Fundraisers
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Select an Exercise activity and challenge yourself or your team to run, walk, cycle, or more, and raise funds for Alzheimer's care, support and research. The information below is simply a guide. You can do any activity you choose, whether it’s an activity you love or an activity loved by someone affected by Alzheimer’s. We will be cheering you on and helping you reach your fundraising goal every step of the way.

How to Plan an Aerobics Fundraising Event
  • Practice kickboxing, cross-training and more with a day of aerobics! Set an entry fee/donation per class, whether it is a 60-minute barre class or a night club cardio session. Ask others to participate with you or make a donation per calorie burned!
How to Plan an Indoor or Outdoor Cycling Fundraising Event
  • Organize a road ride, trail ride or tour, or ask your gym to schedule a special indoor cycling class. Participants can track their mileage and request a donation per mile cycled, or set an entry fee/donation for others to ride with you.

How to Plan a Hiking Fundraising Event
  • If you are located near a national park, river or lake, mountain or scenic trail, organize a group outing. Map out your hike using materials from your local venue. Request a donation per mile hiked, and/or provide a guide, water and snacks for participants and create an entry fee/donation donation per participant.
How to Plan a Nustep Fundraising Event
  • Create an all-day NuStep relay by asking residents, members, staff and families to sign up for a time period to exercise on the NuStep equipment. Pre-determine a recommended donation per minute of exercise on the machine and play music throughout the day to make the workout fun!

    NuStep is fighting Alzheimer's on The Longest Day! Learn more >
How to Plan a Running Fundraising Event
  • There are many different ways to fundraise by running. Challenge long-distance runners to a full marathon, or plan shorter races to increase turnout, such as a 10k or 5k. Set up a relay race for younger participants so that all age groups can participate. Set an entry fee/donation or donate by lap or half-mile.
How to Plan a Swimming Fundraising Event
  • Whether you race in a lap pool or spend a day at the beach, you can raise dollars by challenging your family and friends to beating a best time or completing the most laps — whatever you choose! Create multiple lanes so that all age groups can participate.
How to Plan a Walking Fundraising Event
  • Organize a group walk-a-thon, such as a 10k. Pick a meeting point and an end point. This can be a dog walk, a walk through a historic neighborhood or simply a path through town. Donate per “lap” (whether that is a track lap, city block or other measured distance) or set an entry fee/donation per person for participating.
How to Plan a Yoga Fundraising Event
  • Embrace exercise through a peaceful day of focused yoga or Pilates practice. Research local studios or instructors interested in providing a space or locate a public place where you can gather for different levels of practice, from beginner to advanced. Accept donations per class session or ask the instructor to donate their proceeds from the day.
Multiple Activities
How to Plan a fundraiser with Multiple Activities
  • Pick this option if you have varied interests, or your friends and family want to do other activities. You can run, knit, and draw on your own, or start an Anywhere Team so your friends and family can do what they love from wherever they are and no one is left out!
Choose another activity/Choose later
  • Participants in The Longest Day can fundraise to fuel the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association in any way they choose. If you haven’t found an activity yet, don’t worry! You can always decide later and start your general fundraising today.
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