Arts Fundraisers
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Arts Fundraisers
Get Started
Express your artistic side and invite others to a day of music, singing, painting, salsa dancing, or more. On the Longest Day, you choose your activity in the fight against Alzheimer's. To start planning your day, check out the activities below. We will be cheering you on and helping you reach your fundraising goal every step of the way.

How to Plan an Arts/Crafts Fundraising Event
  • Brush strokes or pottery wheels? Gather with your friends and family in a day of art at a local studio or in your home. Have an instructor teach a drawing class, donating their fee to the cause, or head outdoors with your group to sketch in nature. From watercolors to photography, you’re only limited by your imagination. Auction off your final product to the highest bidder.
How to Plan a Dancing Fundraising Event
  • Tango, ballet, tap, salsa, or swing — dance is an amazing workout and great way to celebrate The Longest Day. Rent out a dance studio and hire an instructor for your group with proceeds going toward the cause. Choose your favorite type of dance, or select a type for all ages that doesn’t require specialized shoes, such as line dancing or polka.
How to Plan a Music Fundraising Event
  • Are you a talented guitarist? Are you friends with a band? Celebrate with a day of music. Organize an at-home event, or gather at a local theater or music school for a day of piano, cello, violin — whatever you love! Charge admission or set a fundraising minimum for the participating musicians. You may consider organizing a visit to a nursing home or senior center to play for the residents.
How to Plan a Singing Fundraising Event
  • Bring together a choir or all of your friends and family with a set of pipes! Organize a karaoke party or an evening of songs; sing pop or theater music, religious hymns or favorites of someone you know affected by Alzheimer’s. Take song requests in exchange for donations and post videos of your performance on social media.
How to Plan a fundraiser with Multiple Activities
  • Pick this option if you have varied interests, or your friends and family want to do other activities. You can play tennis, knit, and draw on your own, or start an Anywhere Team so your friends and family can do what they love from wherever they are and no one is left out!
Choose another activity/Choose later
  • Participants in The Longest Day can fundraise to fuel the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association in any way they choose. If you haven’t found an activity yet, don’t worry! You can always decide later and start your general fundraising today.
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