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2017 The Longest Day
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Bunzl 5K: Make the Journey Great - Fundraising Campaign

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Thank you for supporting our company-wide effort to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association through our “Make the Journey Great” campaign!

1. If you are participating in the Bunzl 5K in Las Vegas as part of the National Sales Conference, the required 5K registration donation is $25.00.

  • You can pay this fee by “Joining” the Bunzl 5K team that has been set up below.
  • Please note, our team has been set up as part of the Alzheimer’s Association’s Longest Day Campaign. Please disregard the ‘Participation and Fundraising’ information you will see as you make your donation, as you will receive a t-shirt in Vegas.
  • Set your fundraising goal to zero, and ‘Make an Additional Donation’ of $25.00 to register for the 5K. 

2. If you are not participating in the 5K but would like to make a contribution to the Alzheimer’s Association, you may donate online by selecting one of the teams listed below or by starting your own team. To start a team, click that option on the right side of this page, and follow the steps. Enter promo code bunzl on the 2nd page to avoid registration fees.

Thank you rallying around this effort to support those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease! Your contribution is helping to make a difference in the lives of many who need it.

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Kelly Devlin
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Kelly Devlin 2017 The Longest Day