Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

AKA-cise the Mind and Body!

Alpha Kappa Alpha is proud to join forces with the Alzheimer's Association® to raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease risk factors, diagnosis, care, and advocacy, among the African-American community. AKA has designated the Alzheimer's Association The Longest Day® as a Community Impact Day and our theme is "AKA-cise the mind and body." On June 21, 2018, members will raise awareness and make a difference in the fight against Alzheimer's by participating in activities that we love and that fit our individual schedules.

In this event, AKA chapter members and their local community members will participate in various activities, such as, line dancing, swing dancing, square dancing, Zumba, bowling, bike riding, roller skating, roller blading, painting, yoga, quilting, golfing, arts & crafts, bid whist, bridge, board games, etc. There are many ways to organize your team and activities. Chapters may select to implement one or multiple activities during the 16 hours. Individual chapter members may select the amount of time they wish to participate in the chapter activity/activities.

Online registration is mandatory for all members participating in The Longest Day. Even if you participated last year, the Chapter Program Chairman must register and "start a new team". Each participating chapter member must, in turn, register online once the team has been created. The registration fee for all AKA chapters and team members is waived by using the discount code AKA or LOVE during registration. PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO WAIVED REGISTRATION, T-SHIRTS ARE NOT INCLUDED AND MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY.

AKA is also a proud contributor to the Alzheimer's Association and President Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson is making a donation on behalf of AKA during our biennial conventions. An AKA team is not obligated to raise funds for The Longest Day event. The $1,600 suggested goal amount shown in the online registration may be changed to zero. However, any fundraising you choose to do is appreciated and will be included in the final donation amount to the Alzheimer's Association.

AKA is proud of our commitment to the Alzheimer's Association and we're excited to make The Longest Day 2018 a success! Get started today by registering for free using the instructions below.

Our Fundraising Progress

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Top 10 Events
Event Name Amount Members
2018 The Longest Day



Top 10 Teams
Team Name Event Name Amount Members
Barbara H Moore Memorial 2018 The Longest Day



AKA Iota Lambda Omega 2018 The Longest Day



Delta Omega Chapter (Petersburg, VA) 2018 The Longest Day



Epsilon Gamma Omega - AKA 2018 The Longest Day



AKA - Xi Gamma Omega 2018 The Longest Day



Alpha Rho Omega AKAs and Friends 2018 The Longest Day



AKA Psi Lambda Omega 2018 The Longest Day



Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority INC IOTA LAMBDA OMEGA CHAPTER 2018 The Longest Day



AKA Nu Beta Omega 2018 The Longest Day



Gamma Psi Omega-AKA 2018 The Longest Day



Top 10 Participants
Participant Name Event Name Amount
Moore/Dennis Family 2018 The Longest Day


Missy Crew 2018 The Longest Day


Tiffany Jackson 2018 The Longest Day


Joyce Parks 2018 The Longest Day


Mia McNeil 2018 The Longest Day


Stephanie Lee 2018 The Longest Day


Iris V Fernandez 2018 The Longest Day


AKA Psi Lambda Omega Chapter 2018 The Longest Day


Phyllis Razeeq 2018 The Longest Day


Frances Witt McMahan 2018 The Longest Day