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These 5 grandchildren don't need to watch another family member be devastated with this disease!
These 5 grandchildren don't need to watch another family member be devastated with this disease!

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My sweet Mother-in-law was diagnosed with FTD several years ago. It has been the saddest and most heart wrenching things I have ever experienced. I've watched a healthy, loving, ALWAYS smiling, and most caring mom deteriorate into someone that is just not her. I made a promise to her one day in the very beginning when she was hopeless and hurting in that she realized that from that day on things would start getting worse. While she didn't like to talk about it much, I know she could feel her world slipping away from her day by day. She would write notes and leave them around to help her remember things. She would get frustrated when she couldn't remember the words to say. Soon those notes became too difficult to read and were lost in the shuffle of her every day life. As I watched and cared for her over the next 4 long years, something amazing happened. The relationship between her and my daughter (now 3) grew and grew. They knew what each other were thinking and they didn't even need to say a word. Both were quick to correct the other, but both loved and hugged each other very often. Paisley just knew when to jump up into her lap and make her smile and Granny P just knew when to give her a necklace or picture that she had worked so hard on. As I write this, tears fall from my face because I know the days are numbered for her. Selfishly, I hate that my son will never get the chance to know this incredible woman. A woman who gave everything to everyone else, she was selfless, and never asked anyone for anything. I will walk this year and the year after, and continue to walk in her name, because no one should ever have to endure each day of your life slipping away. We have to find a cure for dementia. Dementia is relentless. So are we. This will be our second Walk to End Alz as a family. Please join our team for the Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's®, the world’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for all types of dementia care, support and research.

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