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Memory Mile... Sisters Walking for their Mom, Weezie!
Memory Mile... Sisters Walking for their Mom, Weezie!

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We celebrate the life of Louise, Weezie, Peterson. After a long struggle with Alzheimer’s, she died peacefully on October 25th with her children by her side. As with everything in her life; she battled Alzheimer’s with courage and grace, never losing her sense of appreciation or gratitude.

Anyone who knew Weezie, knew that family was her number one priority. Her strong love of family can be seen in the time she spent with and the values she instilled in her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

She was a genuine person who left a positive, compassionate impression with all those she met. Weezie gave unconditional love and loyalty to family and friends; and workmates were drawn to her because of her caring smile and warm nature.

So we celebrate this amazing woman’s life and the lessons learned. Her spirit lives on through all those her loved her. She will be greatly missed.

Cathy and Donna

So many of us have been touched by Alzheimer’s. We’ve seen how a parent, grandparent, loved one or friend, lose their memories, cognitive abilities, and the vibrant person they once were. We witness the struggles they go through and help them with the challenges they face. We grieve the loss of that special person and learn to accept and love the new person they’ve become. For us, Alzheimer’s has touched our Mom, Weezie.

We chose walking as our team event because walking was always something our Mom loved to do and something she now cannot.

We walk for Weezie… What about you?

Memory Mile... Sisters Walking for their Mom, Weezie!
Memory Mile... Sisters Walking for their Mom, Weezie!
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Barara Dyal in memory of Louise Peterson
CATHY Czyzewski
Donna Viens
In Honor of I.Villa, also living w Alzheimer's
In honor of Louise; Love,Lori, Stan and Greyson
Kevin & Katina Williams
Lynn Kwiatkowski
Nicole Mott
Rich and Heather Powell
The Rockefeller Family
The Sherman Family
Tony & Lori
WOES Third Grade Team(including Deb:))

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