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On June 20th MN Alpha Delta Kappa sisters are encouraged to do something special in honor of everyone dealing with the alzheimer disease.

A personal letter from our President Elect, Shirley Rodgers.

The longest day... Others have referred to care-giving for an alzheimer's patient as 24-7.  The days are long, and they roll into one another .  I didn't see the day-by-day- changes in my mom, but visitors often pointed them out.  We answer the same questions, hear the same conversations, look for the same lost items, many times in that long day.  

The day gets longer, the day is so long.  Sadness.  Weariness.  Fear of the next stages.  The care-givers's loss of independence and spontaneity as plans need to be made well ahead of time to run that errand.   

The end of the day... No regrets.  Unconditional love... even though that love is no longer reciprocal.  Satisfaction that mom may not know who I am, but she knows she is loved, cared for, and safe.  And hope.  Hope for our grandchildren that they will not suffer from Alzheimer's.  That their children won't have to watch them drift slowly away.

The cure is out there.  Research for medications vitamins and essential oils, even possibilities of pacemakers in the brain similar to pacemakers for the heart.  We are getting closer.  Hope. Prayers for families.  Generous giving for research.

No regrets... We can help make a difference for tomorrow's world.

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The dollars you raise fuel the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association.

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