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The Longest Day, 2017...Minot, North Dakota
The Longest Day, 2017...Minot, North Dakota

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 I am participating in The Longest Day fundraiser in memory of my mom, Marilyn Joy Selland, and in honor of those affected by Alzheimer's Disease.  My mom died in February 2017 from late stage Alzheimer's disease.  

The previous two years, my activity was a sunrise walk with family and friends.  I've had Team Joy members participate in North Dakota, Colorado, Alaska, Washington, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Minnesota, Florida, and California.  I hope I didn't leave anyone out.  

I had everyone send me photos of their day, wearing their purple. 

 I made a beautiful video, I am hoping to do that again this year. 

*Join me on the Davidson Mesa Trail in Louisville Colorado for a 

Sunrise Walkon June 21st, 2018.  More details to come.

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*"Lend a Hand..."

Recently, I read the book, "Gratitude in Motion" by Colleen Kelly Alexander.  She shares her story of recovery after being run over on her bike by a truck.  "What pulled me out of it were the heroes:  more than two hundred people who had collaborated to save my life.  So many people teamed up just so I could live to see another sunset, take another walk with my dog, plant another garden.  The path back to an active life was fraught with difficulties and setbacks, some of which are permanent, but along the way I learned to keep my focus on gratitude and live my life accordingly---not only feeling thankful, but acting on my thankfulness.  The more I found ways to give back, the better I felt."

Be a "hero", "team" up with Team Joy to help those affected by the "difficulties" of Alzheimer's disease.  Participating in The Longest Day for the past three years has helped me to feel better, it has given me hope that we can and will find a cure.  In the coming weeks, I'll be posting 21 ideas, ways you can lend a hand on June 21st, 2018, ideas of ways you can "Lend a Hand".

*Make a donation to advance the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association.   

Stay tuned for more exciting plans for the day...

The Longest Day, 2017...Minot, North Dakota
The Longest Day, 2017...Minot, North Dakota
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