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Mom and me
Mom and me

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The Longest Day symbolizes, to me, both the long days of the diagnosed and of the caregiver.  My primary inspiration for participation in The Longest Day is my mom, Catherine Prushing who passed in 2007 after a 10 year battle with Alzheimer's and my dad, Dean Prushing who was her primary caregiver during those years up until about 18 months before her death when he asked his kids to find a place for her in a full care facility.  These are the two I honor.  But also on my mind and in my heart, is my Mom's mother who passed from Alzheimer's (my mother was an integral part of her care giving) and Mom's brother, who developed dementia in his later years.  

For a few years now, I have had a booth set up at Newport on the Levee in northern KY.  I ask my friends to donate handcrafted items which I "sell" at the booth in exchange for a monetary donation.  I try to pick a weekend day in June when the Cincinnati Red's are playing at home so that I get as much foot traffic as possible.  This year I hope to hold my main event on June 16th or June 23rd.   

As much as my booth is about raising funds for Alzheimer's,it is equally important for me to spread awareness, offer a listening ear and compassionate heart, and to  direct people to the Alzheimer's Association for help.  



Mom and me
Mom and me

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