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Sunset...TLD 2017
Sunset...TLD 2017

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I am raising funds to honor and celebrate the memory of my mom, Marilyn. In May of 2016, I formed Team Joy and participated in The Longest Day fundraiser.  My mom suffered from Alzheimer's disease for over 10 years. She died on February 26th, 2017 from complications of late stage Alzheimer's disease. Team Joy is continuing the fight against Alzheimer's Disease. Please join me in showing your love for my mom, Marilyn, and those affected by Alzheimer's disease, by making a donation to advance the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Below is a copy of the memorial I read at my mom's funeral.

“To care for those who once cared for us 

is one of the HIGHEST HONORS”

This has been a long journey for my mom and our family. Her

symptoms started as occasional memory loss and repetitive

conversation. As they progressed, how she once cared for us, we

were doing for her.  Over 10 years. My dad took care of her for 9 of those

years. We wouldn’t have made it this far without his commitment in

taking care of her. Brian, myself and the rest of our family helped as

much as we could. It was hard emotionally and hard work, but I was

raised well…both my mom and dad instilled in me the value of

working hard. It was worth it, we were able to care for my mom at

home until June 2016 and then moved her to a memory care home. It

was an honor for me and my family to care for my mom.

While taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s disease, it is easy to feel

angry, sad, and hopeless…we’ve learned along the way that small things

and simple moments bring joy.

"Joy isn't an emotion, it is an attitude." "You can choose to be joyful

regardless of your circumstances." We found joy in listening to music, a

picnic in the park as Brian shared, remembering through photos and stories,

and simply holding hands…the little things.

Last spring, May of 2016, I started my own journey to continue learning,

educating others and fighting for those with Alzheimer’s disease, the family

members that care for them, and eventually finding a cure. And while my

efforts in educating others and fundraising will not help my mom, it is my

mission to honor and remember her by helping others.

I’ve shared a bit about our journey with Alzheimer’s disease. I would like to

end with sharing the mom I knew before Alzheimer’s…She was a beautiful,

strong, faithful, woman with incredible intelligence who was always so well

put together. She was talented, creative, and a great seamstress even

making clothes for herself and me. We often had matching outfits. She was

a baker and excellent cook. She was loving and kind and I remember her

tucking me in every night. She was adventurous, I'll never forget the time

we got lost in Mpls. Thinking of this always brings a smile. She loved,

encouraged and supported me. She loved my babies. She was just lovely.

This was my mom. My nieces sang the song “For Good” at my mom's 75th

birthday, the lyrics are perfect…”because I knew you, I have been changed

for good”. Mom, I will miss and love you forever.

Sunset...TLD 2017
Sunset...TLD 2017

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