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On January 28 at 4pm, I will be performing one of my first Alzheimer's Benefit Concert of the Year. Bill Haworth, the organist for La Mesa First United Methodist Church (4690 Palm Avenue, La Mesa, CA) will join me in this very entertaining concert.

My story begins with a phone call late at night from my father-in-law. His wife, Kaye, had fallen. When we got her to the doctor, we discovered that she was very confused and could not answer questions. After that was a journey of discovery about what to do and how to take care of her. She died 3 months later. We did not know about the Alzheimer's Association at that time.

Several years later, I noticed that a member of our church choir was having trouble following directions and kept getting lost trying to follow the music. She struggled for another year before giving up. I watched her in church over the next couple of years becoming more lost and more helpless. Her husband refused any of the help that we offered, but they came to my concerts. So, I determined that I would continue giving Alzheimer's Benefit Concerts wherever I could to help the people in different communities become aware of all of the help that the Alzheimer's Association offers.

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