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Three generations of Tunkels are smiling happily in this photo: In the middle, there's little me; on the right, a slightly-less-silver-haired Dad; and on the left, his father, Papa Lou.

Papa Lou was a decent, kind, hard-working man who cared for his family, loved his son and loved his grandchildren. He was a fan of baseball and a Veteran of the armed services.

But by the time I was truly old enough to learn from Papa Lou, Alzheimer's disease had begun to take its toll. I'll never forget visiting my grandfather in the hospital, well aware of Alzheimer's' awful effects, when he suddenly looked at me and my sister: Grant, Jamie, hello.

On March 18, I'll run the NYC United Half Marathon for Papa Lou. I'll run for the countless others who have been affected by Alzheimer's. And I'll run for those working to find a cure for this horrible disease.

Let's work together to help so many more.

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