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David Kirtman

David Kirtman
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June 23rd, Lake Chelan Memory Cup
June 23rd, Lake Chelan Memory Cup

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Alzheimer’s Disease has affected my family for 2 generations and continues to affect millions of families across the world. When my father was first diagnosed with the disease, I wanted to immediately find ways to impact the cause. I am also an Ex-Seahawk and NFL football player, making brain health something I am committed to understanding. My father sacrificed everything to get me to where I am today, and I feel a responsibility to him and to future generations of my family to help fight Alzheimer’s.

The Longest Day, Alzheimer’s Association Fundraising effort, honors those who face the daily challenges of living with Alzheimer’s. Its symbolism pays tribute to those affected by the disease, the caregivers and family members who live The Longest Day every day. I am so excited and proud to bring this event to Lake Chelan, a beautiful community that I know will join me in the fight to end Alzheimer’s. I want this golf event to remind us all that the people affected by Alzheimer’s deserve a cure, and I hope this event is one step for the community of Chelan to show its solidarity in fighting to end Alzheimer’s.

-David Kirtman

June 23rd, Lake Chelan Memory Cup
June 23rd, Lake Chelan Memory Cup
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