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Team Mimi

2017 The Longest Day

Team Mimi

Join our team for The Longest Day, a day that’s all about love for all those affected by Alzheimer's disease. On June 21, we’ll do what we love to raise funds and awareness for the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association. We are a part of this day on behalf of our grandmother, Lilian Courtney who died from Dementia on January 6th, 2017. After being diagnosed with dementia 12 years ago, we began to watch as Mimi soon forgot who we were and what was going on around her. On June 21st We will be running, walking, or playing golf from sunrise to sunset in honor of her and the disease that impacts millions of people around the world. We hope to find a cure so that others effected with this disease will not have to suffer like our grandmother did. Thank you for your help!!

-Courtney and William 

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