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The Forget-Me-Not Quilters

2017 The Longest Day

The Forget-Me-Not Quilters

The Longest Day is not just the summer solstice, it's a day dedicated to all those affected by Alzheimer's disease, be it patient or caregiver or family member or friend. It's a day dedicated to love, both to those we love who are suffering from this scourge and to the activities we love to do. 

On June 21st, a group of local San Diego quilters did exactly what they love -- they made a beautiful quilt top featuring big, purple hearts. Two more steps and it will be done. 

When the group completes the quilt (end of June or early July) we will hold a drawing at the Alzheimer's Association San Diego office. Donate a minimum of $25 and you will automatically be entered to win our beautiful quilt. Donate more and you will receive one entry for each $25 donation (i.e. two for $50, four for $100, etc). All funds will go toward raising awareness for the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association. 

Together we can turn this disease into a memory. 

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