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GHK 121639

2017 The Longest Day

Mike, Brook, and Doug. Team GHK121639 - 2016 Lyons
Mike, Brook, and Doug. Team GHK121639 - 2016 Lyons

GHK 121639

Team GHK 121639 is actually Three teams joined by our father's influence. 

Team G riding in Lyons Colorado. A small team of three guys - Team Leader Mike Krantz and Doug Inskeep - that just want to make a difference. We have been riding bicycles together since 1999 when we met in Longmont. We have done some cool fundraising rides, several day rides, Mt Evans Races, and a five day trip on the Blueridge Parkway, just to highlight a few. Joining us again this year is 2016 GHK121639 member, 100 mile finisher, and fellow cyclist, "Mr. CrossVegas", Brook Watts. Three loops of differing length and difficulty are planned to depart and return to City Park in Lyons. An Oscar Blues recovery is planned!

Team H riding in Waunakee Wisconsin is Mike's sisters: Jody Greiber as ride leader and Cindy Krantz providing support. Several short distance loops are planned on relatively rolling hills and flat roads, for a grand total of 100 miles. Connect with Jody to join her and Cindy. Recover at the WaunaBowl or location of last riders choice!

Team K is in Virginia. Jill Krantz and friends will decide exactly what they will do that day. Perhaps a hike on the Appalachian Trail, maybe a leisurely ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, even a mountain bike ride at a nearby park will be chosen. Regardless of the activity, it will be a memorable day to bring attention to ALZ and the families battling this disease.

Sunday June 11, 2017 is the day. Will you join us to raise $77,033 dollars - Greg's age in years and days, when he passed away!  - to help with ALZ research and a possible cure? Will you help by sending in your financial gift to these amazing people that are helping the Gregs of the world?

If you are interested in riding along for all or a portion of our day, you are welcome to do that. It will not be ride supported however so join at your own willingness and risk. Details will be announced of the route and starting time. Be sure to send an RSVP if you plan to ride, and which location you want to attend. If you want to ride, but cant make it to one of the locations, you can ride where you our friend Mr. David Palan did last year. David rode solo over 100 miles, in Michigan and also donated to ALZ.

 I am grateful for your support.


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