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Rowe's Rollers

2017 The Longest Day

Rowe's Rollers

Rowe's Rollers was formed to honor my mother (who passed away in 2008 from Alzheimer's disease) who enjoyed candlepin bowling back "in the day" and my father (who was her caregiver until his stroke in 2005 when he began experiencing dementia).  Ralph Williams, a fellow league bowler, is currently living the life of caregiver to his wife Sandy who has Alzheimer's.  We are re-activating our team in 2017 after a great success in 2016.  We're hoping to raise a lot of money for the Alzheimer's Association and raise awareness for this disease while having lots of fun!

Team members will be participating in activities they enjoy during the close to 16 hours of daylight on June 24.  A group of us will be baking brownies and cookies during the morning hours to be sold at our main activity.  A bowl-a-thon at the Big 20 Bowling Center in Scarborough will be held from noon to 7 PM.  We would love to have lots of people bowling during these hours!  The owner of Big 20 have agreed to donate 50% of the bowling and shoe rental fees of all bowlers we bring in that day.  (A BIG thanks to him!)  If you plan on bowling and have not received a coupon to identify you as a participant of The Longest Day prior to the event, please see a team member when you arrive at Big 20 (look for our purple tee shirts) and ask for a coupon which will be used by the Big 20 office to determine their donation.  Some team members will end the day with some card games to raise a little more money for the cause.

Please support our team by participating in our main activity (the bowl-a-thon), purchasing a 50/50 raffle ticket or two from a team member, buying cookies and brownies or by donating by cash, check or on-line.   

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