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Team Josie

2017 The Longest Day

Dennis, Frank, and Dean stopping for a pic after climbing to the top of Mount Mansfield in northern Vermont. February 2016.
Dennis, Frank, and Dean stopping for a pic after climbing to the top of Mount Mansfield in northern Vermont. February 2016.

Team Josie

Dennis, Frank, and Dean- Team Josie

Hello and thank you for visiting our page. We're three friends who live in the Hudson Valley of New York State and we are attempting to summit Mount Whitney, the highest mountain in the lower 48 states this coming April 2017. Standing 14,494 feet (4418 m) above sea level, Whitney is a beautiful and powerful peak of the Sierra Nevadas. Our climb will likely be difficult at times but also incredibly inspirational and rewarding. And as we go along this trail we will carry thoughts and memories of people we love with us. 

With the support of Dennis and Dean, I wanted to help raise awareness and funds to support the Alzheimer's Association and their mission to assist families caring for people with the disease and to help advance medical science efforts toward finding relief and treatments. My grandmother Josie is an amazing Sicilian-American woman who has been a force for me all my life. She's sweet, funny, and the matriarch of my family. Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 she will celebrate her 88th birthday and she will get ice cream which she loves very much. 

Josie has Alzheimer's disease and although she has had many scary and hard days and nights, I see all the strength in her that I remember seeing when I was younger. She will always be my grandma no matter how hard this disease attacks her.

Dennis, Dean, and I wanted to set up this page in honor of Josie and all the people and their families impacted by Alzheimers at home and everywhere. The Longest Day is the solstice, (June 21st) and there are so many great events associated with this organization going on then. But we didn't want to wait to try and make a difference and would like our trip up Mount Whitney to be more than just a climb with great stories and photos. Any and all donations are great and awesome.

SO thank you for reading and hopefully you can make a donation to the Alzheimer's Association Hudson Valley chapter through our page. We hope to reach our donation goal of $1,449.40 by April 22nd, 2017. That is date we hope to summit Mount Whitney.

 I also encourage all to spend time with people dealing with this disease and give them support and show kindness. It's never too early or too late make a difference. 

There is always hope. 

Much love. 

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