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Team Where Is Joe Lee

2017 The Longest Day

Team Where Is Joe Lee

Our team's Longest Day activity is Yoga!

Our team consists of individuals from a few different cities.  I (Joe Lee) am in Ft. Worth.  My partner in crime, Anna (who is a high school teacher) is in Houston and a few of her students also joined our team after I was a guest speaker in her classes.

Kalina, who lives in Alabama, is a primary caregiver to her grandmother who suffers from Alzheimer's who I met through social media!  

On June 16th, Anna and I are going on a road trip from Ft. Worth, TX ending up in Nashville, TN (where Anna is from) for the Longest Day on June 21st.  Along the way we are going to hold donation yoga classes led by Anna who is also in the process of training to be a yoga teacher!

Some of her students have joined our team to help support us on our journey through social media!

We will also make a stop to visit Kalina in Alabama and do yoga with her!

Please support our team by making a donation (anything helps!), and follow and share Anna and I's journey.

Facebook page:  Where In The World Is Joe Lee





Peace and Love,

Team Where Is Joe Lee

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