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Team Virgie
Team Virgie

Team Virgie!

Our Mom/Grandma, Virgie (short for Virginette…yes, this was really her name) Steffen Singsank, passed away in August 2015. However, we had begun losing her, bit by bit, years earlier. Occasional forgetfulness evolved into an inability to cook, bake, sew, play cards... and eventually perform even basic functions, like carrying on a conversation or recalling your name…and finally not even knowing you were someone she once cared about.

By the time she died, Alzheimers (ALZ) had robbed Mom of everything that made her who she was as a person. For those lucky enough to have known Virgie, that was a tremendous loss as she was a sweet, thoughtful, caring, fun person. Unfortunately, this story was repeated several times in her immediate family: her mother and 4 of 8 of her siblings (Artie, Marie, Rich and Maina) also suffered from ALZ.

Bob was introduced to ALZ in his teen years when Virgie would come home in tears after visiting her mom, who no longer recognized her children. That cycle was repeated with Virgie, which is when Kelly first experienced the ruthless effects of ALZ. And this continues in many families around the world because today there is no cure for ALZ.

To honor Virgie and to raise funds for ALZ research, beginning July 23rd Dad and I, along with our good friends Kim and Kathy Keuter, are riding RAGBRAI, a 411 mile, 6 ½ day bike ride across Iowa (YES, we're really biking 411 miles!).

To support our effort to help find a cure, we're asking you to open your hearts and wallets to contribute to Team Virgie’s ALZ fund.  Think BIG, make this your 2017 charitable focus and if you work for a company that matches your gift, please consider doing so!

Finally, please share this message with anyone/everyone else who you think might be willing to help out. We’d love to have as many people as possible join Team Virgie (feel free to substitute your loved one’s name).  Let's make things better for the next generation.

Thank you!

Kelly and Bob Singsank

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