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2017 The Longest Day

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Dear All,

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My name is Aaron DeNicola, I started this team to support my grandmother, she was a teacher, a mother, a wife. She cant remember that anymore. I remember one time when I called to speak with my grandfather. When she picked up the phone and I asked to speak with him, she asked who was Aaron? This was a steak to the heart. She raised me, watching me everyday since I was 1 year old until i was 6. When she started to show symptoms, I was in the 1st grade. I couldn't understand why grandma wasn't remembering things. I thought that it was just old age. But against popular belief, ALZ is NOT a normal part of ageing. This is a disease. We have the power to cure it. Please stand tall with me in the fight against ALZ on June 18th as the longest day is a Monday and hard for most to attend. In the fight for my grandmother. In the fight for your loved ones. In the fight for all of those who have lost their memories, or even their lives, to this terrible malady. 

Thank you for all your support

-Aaron DeNicola

President and founder of HTC

39 Ehret ave, Harrington Park NJ 07640


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