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Team Joy

2017 The Longest Day

Evening celebration at Paula and Mark's...lots of fun wearing purple and taking selfies.
Evening celebration at Paula and Mark's...lots of fun wearing purple and taking selfies.

Team Joy

Fulfill a personal goal...That is the theme for my Longest Day, June 21st 2017 activity.   I've seen and witnessed how Alzheimer's disease is not just for seniors, not just for the old.  There are several residents at Maple View Memory Care that are younger than 65, and possibly younger than 60.  "Why wait?".

Personally, I like to focus on a physical activity because physical fitness is so important for overall health. But, I encourage you to fulfill any type of goal, it does not have to be a physical activity.  

  I am planning, (and hoping all will join me near and far), a sunrise walk around Waneka Lake near my house.  To represent 24 hours, we'll walk around the lake twice for a total of 2.4 miles.  My own personal goal on the 21st will be to swim 24 laps.  Please join me for an evening celebration at my house...appetizers, desserts and a champagne toast to health, achievements, memories, family, friends, life.

I want to share a quote from a line in the movie Easy A.   As Stanley Tucci is knocking off movies to watch on his bucket list, he says "Then lets bucket list this bitch".  While working on our own "bucket list", we are taking care of ourselves, honoring those fighting this disease and helping raise funds to support caregivers and research.   Eventually we will find a cure, let's "bucket list" this disease.

Paula, Team Joy

This is what some of my Team members will be doing on June 21st...

*Margo from North Dakota will be running, hopefully double digits.

*Auntie Mary Ann will be walking in sunny Arizona.

*My sister-in-law in Alaska will be fishing for salmon.

*My friend, Lynn, will be joining me for a sunrise walk in Lafayette, Colorado.


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