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For The Love

2017 The Longest Day

For The Love

We will participate in 16 hours of continuous physical activity on June 21st. For the past five years I have started The Longest Day on a bike from the place that I was the closest to my Bachan. Her last home in Sierra Madre, at the base of a beautiful hike and special spot we would sit. Butterflies and hummingbirds show themselves to us today, as her sign that she is present. This is where we will begin our day.

We will ride and make stops along the way, where we will participate in Personal Trainer led workouts. I would love for as many people as possible to come join us in these workouts! They are high energy, inspiring, and for a beautiful cause.  We will end the day honoring loved ones who are effected by this devastating disease. 

FOR THE LOVE of our Bachan(Grandma), Joni & Judy's Mom, our Grandma, Jeff's Mom, LuAnn's Mom, Hillary's Grandma, Caren's Grandma, Jayden & Harper's Gigi, Jackie's Daddy, Cailyn's Grandma, Arlene's Uncle, Jasmyn's Grandma, Brandi's Grandma, Anastasia's Grandma, Natalie's Patients, Irene's Grandma, Julie's Grandma, Randi's Grandpa, Pat Summitt & ALL those affected. 

They FOUGHT & FIGHT daily and never had the choice. We do not know the strength they had or have to have but we can honor them by pushing ourselves as much as we can. They fought and fight, so we will too.


Darlene Berg

Joni Berg, Michael Berg, Angie Petitt, more to join

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