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Maggie & Ginny's Gang

2017 The Longest Day

Maggie & Ginny's Gang

For the last two years, we walked to end Alzheimer's. This summer we are kicking it up a notch! On June 17th, Maggie & Ginny's Gang will join thousands of others across the country in an event to raise awareness and support for Alzheimer's disease. We will be joining the cause with a day of baking and delivering baked goods to men and women residing in assisted living facilities.

My late grandmother, Maggie Wademan, was known for her unique Sugar Cookie recipe and was always willing to bake up a large batch for anyone who wanted something sweet. This wonderful woman spent the last years of her life in an assisted living facility where she gradually and severely lost her battle with Alzheimer's. Ginny Bryden, my late aunt, was an exceptional nurse who cared for others every day of her life. Those who were losing battles themselves were cared for by that strong and intelligent caretaker.

In honor of those women's dedication to being kind to others, and in the spirit of doing something Maggie loved, we will be baking for this year's Longest Day. 

For every dollar raised, we will bake a cookie that will be delivered to an individual currently living in an assisted living facility. These men and women spend day in and day out inside. Many of them do not have families to visit with or do not have the privilege of having visitors often. Our goal is to visit 1,500 patients during the weekend prior to the Longest Day, to hand-deliver sweet treats (to those that can have them) and spread a small act of kindness to those who may just want someone to talk with.

All ingredients for the baked goods will be paid for by the team and 100% of donations made will go to Alzheimer's Association programs, spanning from research support and caretaker assistance, to in-home programs for those fighting the disease and their families. 

Please consider joining our team to bake and deliver well-deserved treats and kindness to those living the same conditions my grandmother lived and my aunt cared for.  If you cannot commit to becoming a team member, consider donating and sharing our page! Every dollar represents a cookie - every dollar counts!


Maggie Wademan & Ginny Bryden were strong, witty and intelligent women. Our involvement in The Longest Day is not to mourn their passing or to wallow in the heartache that this awful disease leaves in its path, but instead to stand strong with other supporters to provide education and raise support for the much needed programs assisting those struggling with the illness and the research necessary to make Alzheimer's disease a distant memory. 

Join us in honoring these amazing women and the many others who are facing their longest day, everyday, by joining Maggie & Ginny's Gang or donating to this amazing cause below!

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