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2017 Frederick Memory Ball


Tony & Lori Benedetto

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Tony and Lori Benedetto met in 1994 in Frederick, Maryland and were married shortly thereafter. They have two children, Anna-Marie and Anthony. After earning their MBAs, they relocated to Greenville, SC and then to New Hope, PA, returning to Frederick, MD in 2003. Tony is CEO of a Frederick based insurance company and Lori established her own business providing CPR & First Aid Training up and down the east coast. They enjoy hiking, yoga and golf and are both involved in the community through various charity fund raising efforts.

Lori recently lost her father to complications of Alzheimer’s disease. When the opportunity to participate in the 2017 Frederick Memory Ball came about, the Benedetto’s were honored to participate. This event is a great way to honor Lori’s late father, George Bovill, and support the Alzheimer’s Community.  The last words George spoke to Lori’s late mother just before she passed were, “Carol, one more dance.” It is that line that compels Tony and Lori to test out their dance moves while raising funds and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association.  While this is Tony and Lori’s first dance competition, (their first dance experience), they hope to bring a youthful spirit and a great sense of humor to the affair.

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