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2017 Frederick Memory Ball


Kevin Nelson & Dory Kennedy

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Dory Kennedy resides in Frederick County and works for Right at Home, Washington County in their Community Relations role.  Her experience caring for her elderly mother-in-law for two years at home fostered her current passion of helping people age on their terms.  As she says, "We all want to stay home for as long as possible.”

Dory has a Health Management coupled with over 20 years experience in health education privately teaching and group training.  Music and dance has always been a large part of Dory's life as her parents fell in love at the piano.  She says her challenge will be to “follow the structure” as she likes the creative aspects of dance. Dory’s two sons are the loves of her life and she is very happy to bring awareness & funds for the Alzheimer’s Association's cause.

Family is a key motivator for Kevin Nelson.  He is the proud father to two beautiful daughters that are both attending the University of Maryland.  Dance was very important to Kevin; he is one of six children that grew up with a love for dance, thanks to their parents.  He still gets chills when he watches his mother and father dance.  Kevin is dancing this year in honor of his father who is living with the early onset of dementia and is eager to raise funds for this important cause and thanks you for your support.

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