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2018 Dancing Stars of Augusta, GA


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Sam Baker was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia before moving to Columbia to attend the University of South Carolina. Since moving back to Augusta, he has had the opportunity to own the men’s clothing store, Low Country Clothier as well as work with churches and nonprofits full time with SecureGive.

Sam’s biggest priority in life is simply bringing joy to the people around him. Every interaction with someone is a chance to make their day better. Working with churches and nonprofits, Sam is able to see incredible missions accomplished throughout the world. Hearing so many success stories about people making a real difference has definitely inspired Sam. 

The main reason Sam Baker said he wanted to join the Dancing Stars of Augusta is because he has seen the damage it can do to a family. His grandmother, Trevor Baker, was diagnosed 6 years ago with dementia and is currently in advanced stages of Alzheimer’s. There was a moment this Christmas when Sam watched his Papa breakout into tears. There wasn’t much that could be said, he knew he just had to be there for his Papa. This disease has caused so much stress and pure sorrow in the Baker family. Looking at that moment when his Papa felt that he had basically lost his wife,  Sam knew he needed to do something to help alleviate that pain for other families. 

Vote for Sam because he’s an incredible dancer. Vote for Sam because he loves this cause. Vote for Sam because he wants to make a difference. Or simply vote for Sam because you have a crush on him. No matter which direction you lean, we thank you for your support!


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