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2018 Dancing Stars of Atlanta, GA


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Born in 1950 to a mother who loved to dance, Keiko does not remember ever learning to cha cha or jitterbug, Dance has always been a passion through all the social dances of the ages and the most common bond between mother and daughter. 


As an army brat, the world was exposed. By age 12, life had enabled living on three continents, as well as living within cultures of the melting pot of people  that make up the military forces.  The exposure was an education unparalleled.


At the ripe old age of 20, upon seeing a full blown ballet for the first time in Lousiville Ballet's Swan Lake, the need to do ballet began. 


Enrolling in a ballet class the very next day, by the next audition for the Louisville Ballet, Keiko was in the company.


In the 48 years since, living as a dancer regardless of income, has allowed the passion to manifest a life that is consumed in the arts and very fulfilling.


For life since 60, go to:  View gallery first.


Keiko is dancing for her mother who is in latter stages of Alzheimer's after 20 years.  Praying for her presence and awareness at the 2018 Dancing with the Stars Gala. 

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