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2018 Dancing Stars of Atlanta, GA


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“Step out today not seeking  to be in the spotlight but seeking for a spot to light - be a blessing to someone”. -Bernard Clive

         Hi! I’m Ali George.  And I thank you for visiting my site on Dancing Stars of Atlanta.  I’d like to share why I’m dancing in this important event.  At first, I was hesitant to step into this “spotlight”.  Helping out behind the scenes for several years was a great privilege for me.  I’ve been involved in multiple charity and philanthropic organizations throughout my life, as I raised my family in Ohio.  But as a native Atlantan, and as someone who saw the dimming of the light in my grandfather’s eyes because of this heartbreaking disease, I wanted to do more.  I wanted to bless more of those that I could. Alzheimer’s ripples its effect outward, as it diminishes a loved one.  I watched my beautiful, steadfast, loyal grandmother commit to being the primary caregiver for my grandfather.  And it was draining life from her in exhaustion, both physical and emotional. My mother and her sisters felt the pain of grief and loss, dragging on for nearly nine years.  And the grandchildren, who were no longer recognized, were no longer recognizing their 6’2’ grandfather that they had so loved and grown up with.  It seemed so little of him remained with us.  Save his body. Alzheimer’s dims the light in so many as it slowly extinguishes the life it targets.  I simply want to do all I can to help eradicate this life-quenching disease.

          All of us who are participating in this event to help to defeat Alzheimer’s, are joining together to bring light to this spot by blessing those fighting the disease - the researchers, caregivers and the victims themselves.  


I thank you for giving your very best gift to join in support of my partner Rainier Rics and me and the millions standing against this darkness and lighting a path of hope.  

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