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2018 Dancing Stars of Atlanta, GA


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Jason Perry was born in Atlanta and grew up in Marietta, Georgia.  After graduating from The Walker School, he attended the Georgia Institute of Technology and graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Management with Certificates in Accounting, Finance, and Economics.  Upon graduation, he started his career in public accounting with Andersen.  In 2002, Jason joined Grant Thornton LLP as a second year associate, and in August 2011, Jason was admitted to the partnership.  In April 2012, Jason assumed the role of Partner-in-Charge of Audit for the Atlanta office and continues to serves in this role today.

Jason met his future bride, Betsy, at Georgia Tech in the summer of 1998.  They were engaged in May 2001, soon after graduating, and married in the summer of 2002.  Jason and Betsy have three children: Hadley (10), Hayden (8), and Hudson (4) and reside in Kennesaw, Georgia. 

Jason is passionate about SCUBA diving, cooking on (and discussing anything related to) the Big Green Egg, college football, playing tennis with his ALTA teams, but most importantly, his family.  On weeknights or weekends, Jason will likely be at the baseball field with his boys, at the basketball court with his girl, or at the lake with the entire family.

Our Story

I want to ask you to use your imagination for a moment…imagine a young lady with a difficult childhood.  Imagine a young man raised by his mother, as his father passed away when he was very young.  Imagine these two people meeting in school and becoming high school sweethearts with a common dream.  Imagine these two starting from very humble beginnings, barely able to make ends meet, but wanting a family of their own….a family that they would pour their hearts and souls into…a family that would have the father he didn’t have….and a family that would always be encouraging, supporting, and loving.

Imagine these two people:

·        Having four children of their own

·        Encouraging these children to be extremely active in sports, as they recognized that sports provided many life lessons, including how to win, how to lose, how to support your teammate, but most importantly, how to persevere.

·        Serving as coaches and team mom, and rarely missing a sporting activity of their children

·         Loving and investing in their children continuously

·         Providing the picturesque family experience they had dreamt about many years ago

·         Preparing for and looking forward to their golden years after watching each of their four children graduate high school, graduate college, and get married.

Imagine, as they approach their golden years and look forward to fulfilling the next chapter of their dreams, the dad starts to notice something is “off” with his wife.  And try to imagine….in 2012, at the age of 57, his wife of 37 years being diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s ….a disease that mentally debilitates the victim and emotionally debilitates the caregivers.  

This is the story of my family, and more specifically, my parents Rick and Martha.  My mother is 1 of 5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s.  My father is 1 of 15 million Americans that provide unpaid care for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia.  In 2012, time spent researching travel destinations was replaced with time spent researching this devastating disease….looking for treatments…..looking for clinical trials….anything to provide an inkling of hope.

As mom battles this disease with steadfast resolve and her never-quit attitude, dad continues to live his marriage vows daily…he actively demonstrates what true love and dedication is, and continues to be a role model to his children and grandchildren.

I dance for my mom.  I dance for the 16 million Americans that are expected to have Alzheimer’s in 2050.  I dance for my dad.  I dance for all the caregivers who experience immeasurable pain and sorrow seeing their loved one deteriorate.  I dance so that victims of this disease and their caregivers can continue to have hope.  And lastly, I dance so that my children will live in a world rid of this disease.  I ask you to “dance” with me by providing support for this quest. 

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