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2017 Dancing Stars of Coastal Georgia - Presented by Starkey Mortgage

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I was born in Savannah in May of 1962 and have lived in the area most of my life. I attended Effingham County High and graduated second in my class. After high school, I spent 15 years as a resident of Atlanta, GA and attended Georgia Institute of Technology. After a few years of hiatus from schooling which involved getting married and starting my family, I graduated from Georgia Tech with a BS Management in June of 1990.
Two weeks after graduating from GA Tech, I gave birth to my daughter Anastasia. Two years later came my son Benjamin. Sometime around the time Benjamin turned one year old, I started line dancing and my love of dance escalated beyond my imagination. 
So as a back story, I was an obese child and a morbidly obese young adult. Prior to getting pregnant with my daughter, I lost more weight than I weigh now. I reached my goal weight October 17, 1988. I have successfully maintained my weight loss for almost 28 years. I owe this to dance. I truly believe it is a solution to many health issues. 
My bullypulpit with some of the ladies with whom I dance (most of us in our mid 50's and well beyond) is that by continuing to move our bodies and constantly engage our minds by learning patterns that must be completed with body, mind, heart, we can help combat early onset of dementia and the horrible disease called Alzheimer's. I believe this with every inch of my being.
How has Alzheimer's impacted my life? My uncle died a few years ago from it. But more importantly, one of my bosses was diagnosed with Alzheimer's two summers ago. I manage Savannah Station. I have worked for Tim Hargus and Richard Carlson for 18 years now and am currently their only employee. They are not just my employers; they are my family. And recognizing the signs prior to Mr. Carlson's diagnosis and the changes in him since are difficult to watch. I REALLY WANT TO DANCE FOR HIM! Tim Hargus is my immediate boss and will support me in any way necessary to reach my $20,000 goal.
I do not belong to any one organization, but Mr. Hargus allows me the freedom to help our community the best way I know how.... giving many organizations a place to have events at little to minimal costs so that they may reach their fund-raising goals. Mr. Hargus is on the board of Friends of Animals of the Coastal Empire, Inc. I help put that entire event together for them. I have given my Christmas Days up to the Coastal Jazz Society for heir annual Christmas Concert. We have donated the space to Union Mission, Savannah-Chatham Humane Society, Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club, Breast Cancer Events, Senior Citizens, Inc. to name a few. I am also involved in a Competition Line Dance Team out of Port St. Lucie Florida. The Wild Roses Foundation has 501(c)(3) status and have raised monies for The Inner Truth Project and this year's charity is will support Piper's Angels Foundation created to inspire action on a personal level to support those facing challenges with Cystic Fibrosis.
Thank you so very much for considering me for this amazing opportunity to give back to our community and help fight this debilitating disease.

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