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2017 Dancing Stars of Columbus, GA


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1984 was a hallmark year for dance in American pop culture.  The movie “Footloose” told the story of artistic struggle and teenage rebellion in a small Midwestern town, “Breakin’” would show the world how to pop it and lock it in the urban jungles of New York City, and Ivey Cargill was born right here in Columbus, Georgia.  A prodigious talent from birth, relatives swore that she skipped walking as a toddler and went straight to dancing from crawling, and it is no mere rumor that her first complete sentence at age 3 was “No one puts Baby in a corner!”.  She cut her teeth at local dance powerhouse Toni’s Dancing School, performing the classics like “Tico Tico” and “Great Balls of Fire” as well as bespoke routines like “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. Years of rigorous study would hone Ivey’s stage skills to a razor-sharp edge but ultimate success would remain elusive.  A controversial dust-up involving design credits on Britney Spears’ “Toxic” video and a fallout with then-mentor Paula Abdul would leave Ivey blacklisted at age 19, forcing her into a traditional life, one that denied her innate desire for dance…until now.


While plotting her return to the dance world, Ivey attended the University of Georgia and entered the field of digital marketing, eventually returning to Columbus with her husband Cal Evans and an MBA degree.  Armed with an extensive marketing background and the initials I-C-E, the literal stage is now set for her return to the dance world on April 21, 2017. With PRO Partner Cole Sanner, a world champion ballroom dancer, their dance is sure to be EPIC. To quote Andre 3000 from the legendary Atlanta rap duo Outkast, “What’s cooler than being cool?  ICE Cold!” #teamicecole.  That said, be sure you vote for the coolest and slickest dancer on stage this year, Ivey “Ice Cold” Evans.


Ivey is honored to be representing AFLAC and is dedicating her involvement with the Alzheimer’s Association’s Dancing Stars of Columbus event to the members of her family who have suffered from dementia and Alzheimer’s: Great Grandmother Vannie Lee, Grandmother Carol, and Great Aunt Betty.



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