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2017 Dancing Stars of Columbus, GA


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Ashley grew up in Tyler, Texas but Columbus was always a second home. At age seven she started flying solo to Columbus to spend the summer with her 'Gigi and Joe.' Her mother is from Charleston, South Carolina but her family has been in Columbus the past forty years. After medical school, with her Gigi's encouragement, she trained at Columbus Regional in 2011 and then joined on as a Hospitalist.  "My work family has become my family.  I can not describe how proud I am to know some of the fine people I work with and to call them friends."

Ashley met her husband in residency while he was doing a fellowship at Columbus Regional. Andrew is from Middlebury, Connecticut and studied psychology. He enjoys playing golf, golf and traveling to golf.   Ashley recently started playing golf and enjoys working, cheering on her Baylor Bears, yoga and Novo Fitness. They married in September of 2015 and Ashley finally moved out of Gigi's house!  Ashley has a twin brother, Rich, who is a lawyer and a sister, Bonnie, who studied psychology and then worked in political finance and fundraising before becoming an awesome wife to Jack, mom and best friend to Ashley. Her mother is a retired World History teacher and her father is a petroleum engineer residing in Texas.

"Although I have no close relatives directly affected by Alzheimer's, I work with patients on a daily basis who suffer from Alzheimer's/Dementia. I see the turmoil for family members and experience the challenge dementia brings to illness in the hospital. Alzheimer's and dementia is prevalent in my brother-in-law's family taking the life of his grandfather and leaving his grandmother requiring full time care for the last fourteen years."

I need your support to do my part! Please make a donation to help the Alzheimer's Association advance research into prevention, treatments and a cure for Alzheimer's. For the millions already affected by the disease, the Association offers care, education, support and resources in communities nationwide. Thank you for joining our movement! The end of Alzheimer's disease starts here.




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