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2017 Dancing Stars of Atlanta, GA


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  Dancing in loving memory of her father who suffered from strokes and dementia, Suzanne has had passion for dancing and music ever since she was a little girl.
   Almost completely deaf until she was five, and after surgery, she was able to hear, and her world was immediately opened up to music!  She started out tap dancing in the living room, and began playing the piano by ear. Her first tune was ”Jesus Loves Me.” From then on, she always knew she either wanted to sing and dance, or to “have a farm with horses” and "go to the Olympics."
   As a single mother of two children and earning her way up through the ranks to an international-level dressage rider, Suzanne is no stranger to hard work and fortitude.  She qualified for the short-list for the United States Dressage team for the Olympics, the World Equestrian Games, and the World Cup.  She also had a horse on the U.S. team with six-time Olympian, Robert Dover.  
   Early on, Suzanne learned to play the piano and acoustic guitar, and by age 20, was playing Chopin and Bach on the piano, was performing in a trio singing and playing the guitar at local venues, and acted and sang in several productions. She also volunteered several summers at the BHM Children’s hospital, playing her guitar and singing for the patients and their families. She said that it was humbling, and felt good when she could help make people feel better through music.
   Now, in her late 50’s she has a chance to get on stage to fulfill her passion for dancing in “Dancing with the Stars!” “I am honored and thrilled to get out there to give it what I’ve got at my age, doing what I love, and raising money for the Alzheimer's Association. 
   "There is need for funding continued research in unraveling the complexities, both genetic and lifestyle-related, that contribute to this debilitating disease. In witnessing the mental decline my father suffered, it touched me and my family personally." 
   Suzanne comes from a family known for giving back to their community. Her grandfather, an industrialist in the auto industry, started his own foundation and emphasized the importance of supporting causes important to them.   Suzanne gives back and is involved with several non-profits in the Atlanta area. At the end of every year, she gives to at least 20 charities. This year, the GA Alzheimer’s Association is at the top of her list, as she is striving to become the largest fundraising dancer for 2017. 

    ON a CLOSING NOTE, Suzanne would like to acknowledge, with deepest appreciation, all who helped her reach her goal of largest fundraising dancer for 2017! And, to her amazement and surprise, it also turned out to be the record amount raised ever by any dancer! With deepest gratitude to her family for their support, and for the happy childhood memories of standing on her daddy's feet while he danced with her when she was a little girl. 


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